School Uniform

Students in both Lower and Middle School wear a uniform. Our two uniform vendors are Lands' End and Flynn and O'Hara. Both vendors offer a percentage back to Princeton Academy from net sales (three percent at Lands' End and 10 percent at Flynn and O'Hara). A uniform swap is also maintained by the Princeton Academy Parents Association (PAPA). At certain times throughout the year, students are required to wear a dress uniform, which consists of a white shirt or turtleneck with school logo, navy sweater (optional) and khaki long pants. Parents are reminded in advance of Dress Uniform Days. All uniform tops are worn with an embroidered school logo - Lower School (Kindergarten through Grade 4) utilizes the school's circle logo while Middle School (Grades 5-8) uses the school's crest logo. Middle School students are required to wear a belt. All students are allowed to wear sneakers as approved footwear. For a list of approved uniform items, please reference the list below. This list is meant for quick reference, please visit Lands' End and Flynn and O'Hara online for a more comprehensive listing.

Uniform Items StyleColors
Shirts* mesh and interlock polo shirts (short and long sleeve), mock and regular turtle necks white, classic navy, evergreen
Shorts/Pants chino (plain or pleated front), corduroys khaki, classic navy
Sweater* crewneck and v-neck classic navy
Sweater Vest v-neck classic navy
Fleeces** jacket, vest classic navy

*Shirts and sweaters must be embroidered with the school logo.
**Fleeces may be purchased from our approved vendors or from the Hawk’s Nest, our school store. They must also be embroidered with the school logo.