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Sacred Heart Exchange

Barcelona Exchange Program

The International Sacred Heart Exchange Program is an important element of being a Sacred Heart School. Through this program, exchanges between schools take place throughout the network in order to facilitate the strong bonds uniting our common goals. The Exchange Program offers an opportunity for eighth-grade students to broaden their horizons socially, culturally, and academically by sharing the life of Sacred Heart students at home and in other parts of the world. 

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart will host a limited number of students from Sagrat Cor Sarrià school for two weeks. The visiting students will be paired with and live with the families of the Princeton Academy students who are selected to go to Barcelona. The Princeton Academy host students will spend two weeks attending school at Sagrat Cor Sarrià and living in Barcelona with the Barcelona exchange students’ families as their hosts.

United States/Canada Sacred Heart Exchange Program

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart and other Sacred Heart Network Schools also participate in an exchange program. In the second half of the school year, students from Princeton Academy are paired with students from another Sacred Heart school. They spend one week at their exchange school. Each student and family hosts one another. As a host, the boys guide each other through the daily class schedule, and each school invites the students to participate in after-school activities.  Each of the host families generously adds these visiting boys to their lives. The success of the program is built on the community spirit the schools and families extend to the boys. As a network of schools, we often boast about our "community spirit" in Sacred Heart Goal 4, the building of community as a Christian value. This exchange experience creates community down new roads by bringing students together for the Sacred Heart education experience.