Shop with Scrip (PASH Cash)

The Shop with Scrip program, also referred to as "PASH Cash", is one of the annual fundraising programs of the Princeton Academy Parents Association (PAPA). This scrip program allows families to purchase gift cards at cost, while PAPA receives percentages ranging from one to 18 percent.

Physical Gift Card Orders

Option 1: Paper Order Form and Check

Option 1: Paper Order Form and Check

1. Complete the order form indicating the quantity and dollar amount of the gift cards for each merchant you wish to purchase. You may also write in orders for gift cards at other merchants found only in the online link. Please drop off the order form along with a personal check made out to PAPA in the Parents’ Association box in the Narthex.

Print Order Form

2. The school purchases the gift cards at 1-18% less than face value. The difference goes to PAPA which will receive the percentage of the gift card amount listed in the “%” column on the order form. Percentages range from 1-18%. Again, this is at NO COST to you.

3. Gift cards are shipped and will be available for pickup in the Narthex according to deadlines for designated periods set by PAPA.

Option 2: Order Online

Option 2: Order Online

1. Enroll at You will need to enter our school's enrollment code: 7399D97F2L978


Enroll Online

2. Purchase the physical gift cards online by connecting your checking account and using an ACH eCheck. PAPA will receive the percentage of the gift card amount listed. Again, this is at NO COST to you.

3. Physical gift cards ordered online are then shipped along with the paper orders and will be available for pickup in the Narthex according to the same deadlines for designated periods set by PAPA.

Some of the Praticipating Merchants

At specific times during the school year, PAPA will organize a deadline date for physical gift cards to be ordered (by paper form or online) and a date for pickup of the physical gift cards. See below for details about Physical Gift Cards.

NEW: In addition to purchasing physical gift cards during the periods designated by PAPA, you can also purchase eGift Certificates from some merchants and reload some Gift Cards from additional merchants at any time during the year to maximize our fundraising efforts.

More Information and Options


MyScripWallet is the mobile website that puts fundraising at your fingertips®. After enrolling at, you will be able to order physical gift cards, reloads, and eGift cards, and be able to redeem eGift cards directly from your mobile device for accepting retailers.

You can also save the MyScripWallet mobile site to you smartphone home screen to operate just like an App.

ScripNow® eGift cards

Over 380 retailer brands offer ScripNow, which are eGift cards that you can buy and receive instantly. Then you can print them off or redeem them from your phone when you’re on-the-go.

No need to wait for the seasonal physical gift cards periods designated by PAPA, eGift cards can be ordered anytime of the year.

ReloadNow® and Gift Card Reload

You can order a reloadable physical gift card from ShopWithScrip which you can add funds to when your balance is low. Over 120 retailer brands offer either ReloadNow or Reload that will add funds to your card immediately or overnight respectively, which means you won’t have to wait for a new card to ship to shop with scrip.

Online Payments (PrestoPay™)

ShopWithScrip offers a secure ACH online payment system families can use to pay for orders conveniently. Online payments electronically debits funds from your checking or savings account so you don’t have to send in a check. Plus, your eGift card and reload purchases will process faster.