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Meet Our Head of School

Meet our Interim Head of School, Kathy Humora

I am honored and privileged to return to Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart. For those who do not know me, I was the Head of Middle School at PASH for 15 years from 2005 until 2020.

Guiding the Middle School students, working with the Middle School faculty, and partnering with the Middle School parents was an amazing adventure. I am grateful for the many experiences as I developed and strengthened my leadership skills. I planned my work and worked my plan to be an effective communicator, organized manager, problem solver, collaborator, community builder, and informed decision maker. Most importantly, my Sacred Heart spirit guided me to act compassionately, understanding, and kindly.

In addition, my time with the younger students also allowed me to broaden my horizon beyond Middle School students as I gained first-hand knowledge and understanding of the journey from kindergarten to grade 8 as boys navigate the developmental stages of growing up.

The Sacred Heart Goals have been my foundation since I joined Princeton Academy in August 2000. They have inspired, guided, and supported me in many roles and responsibilities. Believe! Persevere! Serve! Respect! Grow! These five goals are my foundation for acting and interacting with respect and responsibility. 

I have been a scientist, a science teacher, and a Middle School administrator for over 20 years. These experiences have been exciting, rewarding, and valuable learning opportunities. Being a scientist prepared me to become a science teacher, and being a Middle School science teacher prepared me to become a Middle School administrator. My dual role as teacher and administrator provided me with a unique experience. Teaching allowed me to continue my work with students in the classroom, as well as my understanding of the demands on teachers and the immediate concerns of parents. Teaching informed my work as an administrator, and my work as an administrator informed my work as a teacher. Collaborating with teachers and parents resulted in building a Middle School learning community that respected each student’s ability and potential.

I believe in the words of Madeleine Sophie Barat, “Be humble, be simple, and bring joy to others.” These words are a call to action. Humble! Recognize what you can and cannot do, and acknowledge each individual’s contributions and accomplishments. Simple! Be straightforward by being open, clear, and direct. Joy! Feel delight and happiness in each moment and each interaction. I accept the call to action to lead Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart as it moves forward into the future. #HeCanBe#wearesacredheart#GoHawks


Kathy Humora

Interim Head of School


A Unique Private School For Boys

We believe that boys learn best when they are navigators of their own learning, deductively, when given clear goals and feedback, when they are not afraid of failure and through powerful relational experiences.

We also believe in the power of faith, intellectual values, service, community and responsibility in an atmosphere of wise freedom. A “new generation of enlightened men” is one comprised of creative, compassionate and courageous leaders of a just society.

They combine head and heart in their interactions and think of others before themselves. They care for the planet and each other, building others up with kindness and love while seeking to understand and celebrate the unique essence of all living beings. They embody mind, body and spirit. They have purpose.