Planned Giving

A planned gift to Princeton Academy indicates a commitment to the longterm success of the school. These gifts, generally made through bequests and trusts, will create a very strong cornerstone for Princeton Academy’s future.

Planned gifts can help:

· further the school and its mission
· ensure the future financial strength of the school
· provide future generations of students with an exceptional learning experience

Many loyal supporters of the school have chosen to join the Acorn Society. There is no minimum contribution - just the desire to participate in Princeton Academy's future.

If you have an interest in learning more about the Acorn Society and how you can make a gift to the school that will last a lifetime, please contact the Development Office at (609) 924-8148 or via email at

The Acorn Legacy Society

The Acorn Legacy Society was organized to honor the individuals and families who have chosen to include Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in their estate plans. Members of the Acorn Legacy Society have expressed the highest form of charitable support for the Academy’s mission.

The Acorn Legacy Society takes its name from the beauty of our campus, and from the nature of our mission. The symbol of the Society comes from the bas-relief of an oak tree directly over the Kalkus House entrance. At the foot of the oak tree are acorns, the small seeds that over many years grow into solid oaks when they find fertile ground. At Princeton Academy, the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart tradition provide a rich soil that continues to yield “young men who, when faced with the challenges of their times, will make the right decisions.”

If you are interested in including Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in your estate plans, please contact the Development Office at (609) 924-8148.

Why We Give...

We continue to make a gift to the Fund for Princeton Academy every year because as parents we are given the great blessing and responsibility of children, and we must do our best to ensure that they have every opportunity to do their best. What we value most about the education our son is receiving (and our other son has received) are the values that the Academy continues to live by. The five Sacred Heart Goals are a key element in their education. Academic excellence is extremely important to us and so is giving to others. Princeton Academy honors both of these and it creates an environment for our boys to grow and excel in mind, body and spirit. This is what we treasure most about sending our boys to Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Christina and Paul Jeanes P '14, '18