#PASHAlumni March Madness Bracket Challenge

Princeton Academy alumni are invited to take part in our inaugural #PASHAlumni March Madness Bracket Challenge! 
All classes will compete in the First Round from March 1 to March 31, 2022. From April 1 to April 5 winning classes will have the opportunity to build upon their scores and continue advancing until one class is named our inaugural champions of the #PASHAlumni March Madness Bracket Challenge. See the bracket below for the Round 1 class match-ups.

How Alumni Can Score Points

Classes will score points in the following ways:

1. Two Pointers: Each unrestricted annual fund gift to the Fund for Princeton Academy attributed to class members will earn the class two points.

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2. Three Pointers: Each gift over $500 will earn the class an additional three points.

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3. Free Throws: Classes can earn 1 point for each free throw activity:

2022 #PASHAlumni March Madness Bracket