Giving Week: February 15-22

We have all had that aha moment when we've felt true belonging at Princeton Academy.

It may have been at a Friday Thank You, at the Christmas Tree Lighting, at HAWKBowl, a Gala, Kindergarten Dad's Day, the Middle School Wax Museum or any community gathering - it's the moment that just feels good because it feels like home. Our goal for Giving Week is simple, we are celebrating our founding year with a focus on participation, not dollars - every gift counts no matter the size! We would love for everyone to come together in support of what makes Princeton Academy so special... Our community. We can do this - Go HAWKS! #PASH98

Notes from our supporters about why they give:

Thank you PASH for being such a great place to learn. The community and teaching staff is amazing. The two years went way too fast and we wish our son could stay longer. Thank you for providing our son with so many valuable life long experiences. We are forever grateful!

Princeton Academy has been a blessing to our boys and family. We sent boys to Princeton Academy, and we got gentlemen back.

This is our first year at PASH and our son, Ronan is thriving socially, academically, and athletically. We are consistently impressed with PASH and how the boys are instructed and nurtured. We are proud to be part of the PASH family.

When I arrived for the first day of school as a 5-year-old way back in 1999 I never could've known how much PASH was destined to change my life forever. This school provided me with more than just an outstanding education but helped foster my talents and growth as a child and ultimately the man I am today. My teachers were more than just educators but second parents with nothing but pure desire to see me succeed. The other students became more than just classmates but an irreplaceable brotherhood that I will always be grateful that I was given the chance to learn and grow alongside. Having the ability to say that I was a part of the "founding classes" is still one of the highest honors of my life. I could go on forever about how much this school has meant to me and the impact it still has on my life today. I look forward to seeing this school continue to grow and further secure its legacy as one of the best schools a young man could ever attend. Here's to 20 more years and beyond.

As someone new to the Academy, I've been heartened by the intentionality of faculty and staff to open avenues for our students to grow their entire selves. The boys here are constantly encouraged into discovering the dynamic joy inherent in a lifestyle of learning.

We give to The Fund for Princeton Academy every year because we want to give back to the extraordinary school that has given so much to our sons and our family. We have always believed that the greatest gift we can give our boys is a Princeton Academy education. We already gave this year, but wanted to participate in Giving Week too. God bless Princeton Academy and PASH boys.

I believe with all my heart in Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart’s mission and vision of Creativity, Compassion and Courage for boys! My son Rik, headmaster of PASH, was once a young boy and as he grew I was privileged to experience these qualities, kindness of him. Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of PASH! Go Hawks!

I am grateful for the founders, teachers, and families that have made Princeton Academy an amazing school for our boys!

I give to Princeton Academy because of the amazing young men who are being educated at PASH... They are changing the world and caring for society.

Princeton Academy was an integral part of my development as a student, athlete, and boy. I would not be where I am today without the care of the students and faculty I met at Princeton Academy.

My son has been richly blessed by The Fund. We are immensely grateful to be part of the PASH family and its legacy of successfully cultivating the hearts and minds of a generation of young men.

Really appreciate the good times I had with the friends I made at Princeton Academy.

My two boys are having a wonderful time at PASH!

I appreciate everything the teachers did for my son. Thank you, PASH!

Because I cherish my memories and experience from my time there.

Our grandson has attended PASH for 6 years and every year has been filled with defining moments and teachers who have nourished him along the way. We admire and appreciate the gentleman he is learning how to be.

We participate in The Fund for Princeton Academy because we truly believe that our two grandsons are receiving the highest quality education that is needed to develop boys into productive citizens and gentlemen. GO HAWKS!!!

We give because PASH has changed the lives of our family, and we are incredibly grateful!

I am thankful for the founders, teachers and families that have made Princeton Academy a wonderful school and community.

Because my grandchildren love coming to school and I love that they are curious and kind!

For PASH's 20th anniversary!


Princeton Academy is doing a wonderful job raising our boys to be young men with great human values at their core.

We loved our time spent at PASH!

PASH has been the best decision for a school for my son. A loving community full of spirit and boundless energy. A wonderful environment for boys!

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