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 To subscribe to a calendar feed, click on the grey icon at the top of the calendar, then click on the iCal link for the calendar you wish to subscribe to.

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 To filter the calendar, click on the blue icon at the top of the calendar and select which calendar(s) you would like to display.

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 To set up alerts for various calendars, click on the orange icon at the top of the calendar. To set up an alert for a specific event, click on the orange icon next to the event title. Note: if you are not already logged in to myAcademy, it will prompt you to log in.

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One School Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Feb 24
Mon, Feb 25
Tue, Feb 26
Parent Family Math Night w/ Dr. McIver
William E. Simon Chapel Library
Wed, Feb 27
Thu, Feb 28
Sat, Mar 2
Sun, Mar 3
ISP Sunday
Mon, Mar 4
Tue, Mar 5
PAPA Fat Tuesday Spaghetti Dinner
Hawk Hall
Wed, Mar 6
Thu, Mar 7
Fri, Mar 8
Middle School Science Expo
Sat, Mar 9
Sun, Mar 31
Tue, Apr 2
Wed, Apr 3
Thu, Apr 4
Sat, Apr 6