Benefits of All Boy Schools

We understand the benefits of a single gender, all boys education

Our vision is to reinvent boys' education for a new generation of enlightened men.

A growing body of research shows that boys learn and develop differently from girls and that single-gender programs are more educationally effective for boys than coeducational ones.

At Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart, we have embraced the benefits of all-boy schools to create the best private school for boys in Princeton, NJ. From major decisions about the design and operation of the school to small everyday details of running a classroom - we have created a culture that is always asking: What is best for boys?

We believe in and are committed to:

  • Social-emotional learning
  • Faculty who are experts in educating boys
  • Character development and spiritual education
  • Design of boy-centric classrooms and physical spaces
Why a School for Boys Brochure from IBSC

Download the Why a School for Boys? Brochure from the International Boys' Schools Coalition

I value the atmosphere that is cultivated for our boys to learn. This begins with the headmaster, assistant head of school, to the teachers, administration and staff - all these facets of people have a genuine care and concern for our boys. The boys are allowed to express their thoughts and participate in a non-judgmental atmosphere. The teachers and staff also serve as role models to the boys, which is awesome!

Mirna White P '19