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Welcome home to the nest, #PASHAlumni!

This page is dedicated to our amazing Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart Alumni! On this page you will find information about upcoming alumni events, an opportunity to update your contact information, and networking/mentoring opportunities. Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Princeton Academy. You are and forever will be Hawks for Life!


Our alumni are awesome. When we think of #HeCanBe, we envision the PASH graduate. A gentleman-scholar-athlete-artist carrying the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria as virtues to journey with through life. We see this creative, compassionate, and courageous leader of a just society purposefully committing himself to something deep and meaningful. We see his caring smile and joyful humor because he has been nurtured and nourished in a spiritually fulfilling way. We see him becoming the best version of himself. He is a Princeton Academy Alumnus, loyal to and proud of his alma mater.

- Head of School Rik Dugan

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