Why an all-boys school?

We understand the benefits of a single gender, all boys education

Many think of all-boys schools as a tradition, but Princeton Academy is a school for boys by design.

A growing body of research shows that boys learn and develop differently from girls and that single-gender programs are more educationally effective than coeducational ones. At Princeton Academy, we have embraced these findings to create the best school for boys in the Princeton area. From major decisions about the design and operation of the school to small everyday details of running a classroom - we have created a culture that is always asking: What is best for boys?

Important decisions and actions in response have included:

  • Decision to educate only boys
  • Selection and training of our faculty
  • Design of our curriculum
  • Methods of teaching
  • Design of the school’s physical environment

We also invite you to schedule a personal tour to walk the halls and see boys thoroughly engaged in their education. Princeton Academy is truly a school where boys thrive!

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We invite you to learn more about Princeton Academy's role in your son's story.

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You may also be surprised to learn that, with the help of Individualized Affordable Tuition Program, a Princeton Academy education may be easier that you think.

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Below is a link to an online brochure titled, Why a School for Boys?, and a list of resources to learn more about educating boys from the International Boys' School Coalition:

Online Brochure: Why a School for Boys?
Resources: Books, Articles and Other Publications about Educating Boys

  • The Courageous Book
  • of Compassionate & Creative Boys.

Ch. 1

  • Good Character + Genuine Learner
  • = Gentleman Scholar