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Why a Boys School

Our vision is to reinvent boys' education for a new generation of enlightened men.

Since its founding, Princeton Academy has flourished as the only all-boys primary school in New Jersey, steeped in the Sacred Heart educational tradition, and committed to the development of boys in mind, body and spirit.

A growing body of research shows that boys learn and develop differently from girls and that single-gender programs are more educationally effective for boys than coeducational ones.

At Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart, we have embraced the benefits of all-boy schools to create the best private school for boys in Princeton, NJ. From major decisions about the design and operation of the school to small everyday details of running a classroom - we have created a culture that is always asking: What is best for boys?

We believe in and are committed to:

  • Social-emotional learning
  • Faculty who are experts in educating boys
  • Character development and spiritual education
  • Design of boy-centric classrooms and physical spaces

Interested in learning more about boys' schools? Download the Why a School For Boys informational brochure from the International Boys' School Coalition.

Why a School for Boys Brochure from IBSC


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Without Princeton Academy, there is no way I could have gained the strong appreciation of academics and community that I will always hold dear. The teachers, the extracurricular programs, the friendships – all that Princeton Academy offered me has stuck with me and helped me grow as a true individual. Princeton Academy has molded me into a person who knows the value of always doing the right thing and of always treating others with respect.

- Nick Fenton '09