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When parents dream of their son's ideal educational experience, we want to be a part of their journey and invite them to discover Princeton Academy, where each boy soars with heart.

Rik Dugan, Head of School

Princeton Academy's drive to immerse students in a values-based learning environment is matched by the school's commitment to providing a superior education that caters to the unique ways in which boys learn. Our mission of fostering and developing character, as well as the research-based pedagogic focus on what's best for boys, are what truly set our school apart.

Classes at Princeton Academy are specially geared toward research-based methods regarding how boys learn best. Kinesthetic learning opportunities can be found throughout the day. Research shows that boys need to be comfortable in their space, but also have freedom to move around that space within boundaries. Students begin each day with a run around campus, which is comprised of nearly 50 acres, including grasslands for exploration in science classes and vintage Princetonian buildings.

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Use the link below to visit our campus to see our lively learning spaces, meet our exceptional faculty and staff, and experience our vibrant culture.

You may also be surprised to learn that, with the help of Individualized Affordable Tuition Program, a Princeton Academy education may be easier that you think.

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Sacred Heart Glossary: goûter

noun, | goû·ter | \(ˈ)gü¦tā\

(goo-tay; French to taste) Goûter is a long-standing tradition in Sacred Heart schools. In days of the boarding schools, when it was not uncommon for classes to meet until five o’clock in the afternoon, it was necessary to provide the students with a mid-afternoon snack. Later, as the schools grew, the cost and logistics of providing daily goûter became too complex. Today, goûter, is a special treat to which students in Sacred Heart schools look forward on special feast days and holidays.

Princeton Academy's arch, part of this Private K-8 School In Central NJ's beautiful campus
We provide a loving & safe private K-8 School in central nj environment for boys