Portrait of a Princeton Academy Graduate

When we begin to describe a Princeton Academy graduate, we think of a blank canvas and apply the unique brushstrokes that make up the dynamic attributes of an enlightened man who is socially aware and morally centered. He began his journey at Princeton Academy in formation and developed his creativity, compassion and courage to find the good within and be his best self. #PASHAlumni are active citizens, lifelong learners, spiritual individuals and most of all, good men.

As an ACTIVE CITIZEN, a Princeton Academy Graduate is:

  • Kind, compassionate, empathetic and caring
  • Self aware, humble, courteous and confident
  • Good communicator
  • Moral and trustworthy
  • Global and accepting
  • Courageous Leader

And he:

  • Gives back to his communities, nation and world
  • Respects others - appreciates the talents and limitations of self and others
  • Listens to others, speaks and writes clearly, honestly and openly
  • Behaves ethically and responsibly
  • Knows other cultures and languages
  • Understands and values diversity
  • Acts on his beliefs and serves others

As a LIFELONG LEARNER, a Princeton Academy Graduate:

  • Loves to learn
  • Is creative and flexible
  • Is Resilient
  • Is Analytical
  • Is an informed risk taker

And he:

  • Observes, questions and connects
  • Solves problems resourcefully
  • Gives effort and perseveres
  • Thinks critically
  • Learns from his mistake

As a SPIRITUAL INDIVIDUAL, a Princeton Academy Graduate is:

  • Hopeful
  • Embracing

And he:

  • Grows in his faith/seeks truth and understanding
  • Respects the faith of others

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