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Student Council Leads Fundraiser for VIP [READ MORE]

Head of Middle School Kathleen Humora

Charlie Ewing and Jordan Owusu, Grade 7 students, behold a beautiful goat! Just like their classmates, they have been looking forward to Friday, December 6. Our One School community participated in a very special fundraiser for VIP, Villages in Partnership. VIP is a service organization based in Allentown, NJ, working in a collaborative partnership with the people of Sakata, Malawi. VIP visited Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in October to share information about their good work. At that time, we were inspired to support them by donating the funding for two goats. The cost of a goat is $50 dollars. We have kept in touch with VIP, and we are supporting them once again in their Goat Drive. All members of our school community were invited to dress down, and each member who participated, contributed $2 dollars to support VIP's Goat Drive! Princeton Academy will be able to provide funding for as many as six goats.

Why does VIP want to provide funding to purchase goats? They are focusing their efforts on giving goats to vulnerable families in their villages. They call it the "Gift that Keeps on Giving" because every family who receives a goat must pass on their first kid (baby goat) to another vulnerable family. So, the gift keeps on giving. They have a very special offer this year. A family is offering to match every goat raised up to 267 goats. VIP shared that one goat can change the life of an entire family. Goats help produce a fruitful harvest by using its byproducts as fertilizer. VIP also encourages families to breed their goats and sell offspring to local markets as an additional source of income. Goats are manageable animals making this resource a perfect fit for families in survival mode.

The Middle School Student Council, built on the information provided by VIP to create an educational PowerPoint presentation for Wednesday's Middle School assembly. The Middle School students learned about the history and geography of Malawi and the hardships of Malawi. They learned more about the goodness of VIP and the importance of goats. The presentation highlighted how one goat can change a family's life in many ways including:

  • A healthy dairy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day.
  • Goat milk provides protein, an important nutritional need.
  • Goats produce meat.
  • Goats produce fiber, which can be very useful for a number of products including clothing.

The Middle School Student Council is grateful to all who participated in this important fundraiser. We are grateful to these student leaders as they carried out direct service to support the people of Malawi. They brought forth the spirit of Sacred Heart Goal III as they educated us to a social awareness which impels to action. They took on active roles to inform us, to inspire us, and to energize us to support those in need. They are to be commended for their compassion and generosity of heart. The Princeton Academy community extends a sincere Friday Thank You to the Middle School Student Council.