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Sacred Heart in Action - Our Educators [READ MORE]

Head of Middle School Kathleen Humora

Middle School had two Parent Orientations in the past week: Grade 4 entering Grade 5 and Grade 6 entering Grade 7. The Grade 5/6 Teaching Team shared information about the specifics of the curriculum as well as student experience as learners, citizens, and athletes. The Grade 7/8 Teaching Team shared information about the specifics of the curriculum as well as growing student responsibilities, independence, and self-advocacy. A special highlight of each evening included a video of the Middle School students in Grade 5 and Grade 7 giving advice to the parents and students of the Class of 2022 and Class of 2024. The "Teacher Box" provided memorable moments for the orientations.  Each teacher placed an object in the "Teacher Box."  The object represented the teacher and/or the teacher's program.   It was just like being in the classroom. Parents were involved in active hands-on inquiry, as they moved about to match each object to each teacher.  The special evenings allowed the building of relationships and the establishment of partnerships in support of the students as they embark on the next stage in their journey.  

The parents witnessed the collegiality and collaboration of the members of each teaching team.  A special thank you to each teacher for their many contributions to the Middle School community!

Lorna Cole Durish - Protector of Heart, Peace, and Reflection

Greson Torchio -  Sire of Knowledge 

Paul Clewell - MACC Commander

Linda Hogancamp - The Math Chef

Denise Quenault - Guru of Strength

Karen Stolper -  Keeper of the Sketchbooks

Lorrie Benditt - Guiding Light of Literature

Heidi New - Muse of Music

Chris McDonough - Steward of Learning

Adriana Gaissert - Líder del Amor del Español

Morgan Cawley -  Centinela de Español

Erich Trautwein - Sage of Health and Wellness

Haiben Wu - Master of Music

Tim Stevens - Keeper of the Flame of Past, Present, and Future

Brian Ferrenz - Forest Wizard

Nathan Weaver - Critical Analysis Artisan

Jeff Hoisington - Math and Real World Know-How Watchman

Taylor Kenyon - Captain of the Journey

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart's Middle School teachers are true Sacred Heart educators. They are kind and compassionate, and they share a generosity of heart with their students.  They possess a natural wonder to seek knowledge and understanding, and they share their passion with their students.  They build community with each other, with each student, and with each parent.  They serve the community through their true spirit of giving. They are self-disciplined, they are responsible, and they hold themselves accountable in all of their words and actions.