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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School: Grades 5-8

Our Middle School boys develop a spirit of inquiry and a mindset that failure is not to be feared. This approach enables them to grow as critical thinkers, problem solvers, communicators and collaborators with experiences that promote innovation and creativity.

Fifth and sixth grade students work on strengthening organization, time management and work habits. Seventh and eighth grade students are expected to take on more responsibility for the learning process by advocating for themselves both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are well prepared for the challenges of secondary school.

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Middle School Curriculum at a Glance

Sacred Heart Student Reflections

Believe - A personal and active faith in God

Being a Sacred Heart student means believing in something greater than yourself, which leads you to be the best possible person you can be. Having belief is knowing there is someone watching and guiding you along the correct path. Faith is a big part of Princeton Academy. Our beautiful chapel, our daily prayers, and our masses and prayer services remind us of our faith and connection with God. The Sacred Heart Goals at Princeton Academy not only guide the students down the right path in life, they also guide the students in making wise decisions.

Luke Jeanes ’18 (The Pennington School, Denison University)

Persevere - A deep respect for intellectual values

To me, Persevere means to continue or to persist through a difficult situation. When I came to Princeton Academy in Junior Kindergarten, right from the get-go I realized that Princeton Academy was a very special place that I was lucky to be a part of. Even as a small child, I knew that the Sacred Heart Goals were of the utmost importance to each and every person. Perseverance is not only taught through challenging academics and projects but also through athletics. The school lives and breathes the Sacred Heart Goals in every way. We value each and every goal in its own particular way. We value Goal 2, a deep respect for intellectual values, by instilling the value of process into every student attending Princeton Academy.

Luke Trowbridge ’18 (The Lawrenceville School, Princeton University)

Serve - A social awareness that impels to action

Serve means to have a social awareness that impels to action. When I first came to Princeton Academy in seventh grade, I learned that ‘serve’ has many definitions that I will never forget. Being a part of a welcoming community that is always serving is something special that will always stay with me my whole life. When I came in seventh grade, I was the new kid. But when I came to Princeton Academy it didn’t feel like I was the new kid. When I came to Princeton Academy, all the Sacred Heart goals meant something special, but the goal that I knew I needed to work on was Sacred Heart Goal 3. Now I use it in my everyday life. Princeton Academy gives everyone the chance to serve all the time. 

Daniel Yanni ’18 (The Pennington school, Northeastern University)

Respect -The building of community as a Christian value

The act of seeing the spirit inside a person. Respect is a quality that spreads throughout a community that shows deep care and consideration for others. Since I started my journey at Princeton Academy, I have received nothing but respect from the Princeton Academy community. The school has always promoted a safe and welcoming environment in which I was valued, cared for, and respected. I truly value this respect, and I give the same respect to others as well. Everyone in the community moves from strangers to friends and from friends to brothers. We brothers form a Princeton Academy family. The Princeton Academy community exemplifies respect and community activities in many ways.

Ryan Jahn ’18 (The Lawrenceville School, Syracuse University)

Responsibility - Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

Grow. What I have come to feel at Princeton Academy is growth. Not physically, but spiritually. Sacred Heart Goal 5, personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom, is the driving force behind my growth. As PASH students, we live the Sacred Heart Goals every day. These goals influence every decision we make. We are using wise freedom to grow and be the best students we can be. In every study hall, you will find students using their time effectively even when the teacher is out of the room. Spiritually, you will also grow through all the religious and one-school activities that shape the culture of PASH.

Calen Sanderson ’18 (Holy Ghost Prep, Notre Dame University)