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Greetings from PoCC [READ MORE]

Head of Lower School Paris McLean

Greetings from Seattle, Washington! On Wednesday, Headmaster Rik Dugan and I traveled out to the Great Northwest to participate in the annual People of Color Conference (PoCC) sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Rik and I joined 7,000 other independent school educators, students, trustees and leaders from across the country. I could not be more grateful that Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart has a voice and presence at this all-important conference. Our school's commitment to diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion moves beyond words and ideas, shifting into practical and fundamental approaches related to instruction, programming, practice, and policy. For 12 years, I have had the privilege of attending this conference, and while each opportunity has been unique and specific, the fellowship, connectivity and partnership I feel from around the country and locally, bonds my efforts and charge to lead within this space.

More than ever, our school community needs to reflectively and thoughtfully look inward to explore and support the beautiful diversity that exists within our spaces. Students need the platform and safety to share and hold true to their identities. Our educators must continue to expand their toolboxes with grounded and sensitive approaches to ensure that all of our boys and their families are known, heard, and valued. And our school leadership must unapologetically lean into discomfort, stretching our thinking on what a fair, equitable, and inclusive education for all looks like.

These are not lofty or unrealistic expectations; these are real and needed actions that we as a school can achieve together and by association. I encourage us all to stand shoulder to shoulder as we move forward together, advancing our shared efforts, vision and future.