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Peace Looks Like Balance in the World [READ MORE]

Head of Lower School Paris McLean

As an educator, I seek to find resources that will advance my thinking and expand my skillset as a professional. Often times I will explore a cutting-edge article, unpack a national bestseller, or dive deep into a book centered on educational philosophy. And while each option is rich in content, there is no greater wisdom than that of a child. Our boys' clear, unfiltered view of the world will often eclipse my vision and stretch my thinking to see beyond what is obvious and familiar. Leaning on and valuing their perspectives and insights should remain a priority for us adults.

During one of our most recent Lower School assemblies, Mrs. Travers posed the open-ended question, "peace looks like…" and each boy in attendance had the opportunity to share what they thought peace looked like to them. What struck me was how many boys had a vision of what peace looked like; a sea of hands flooded the air, eagerly wanting to answer this meaningful question. There was a range of answers from our boys that addressed nature, quiet-time, friendship, family, and fun. Each answer was unique to the individual and reflected their essence as a person. As I listened intently and humbly absorbed their messaging, I found one answer could tie all of the boys' answers together into one unified message.

"Peace looks like balance in the world."

I did not need to find my favorite author or read a viral article circling around social media; this answer came from one of our 9-year-old boys. His ability to see the world and his life experiences prompted him to share this message. I hope we hold true to his words and vision, as peace is about balance. Within this new year of 2020 and moving forward, we can all strive for balance in our lives. While this will undoubtedly look different for us all, the idea of balance will connect friendship, family, fun, and quiet moments of reflection into our lives that necessitate peace.