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Welcome to the Lower School: Grades K-4

Everything from our double recesses, making sure that our boys have active mornings and active afternoons - where they can get that energy out, but also partner with their friends and build meaningful relationships through play.

Head of Lower School Paris McLean discussing the benefits of Princeton Academy's Lower School program

Preparing young boys for their first steps along their educational journey is the primary goal of Princeton Academy's Lower School program. In their early years, boys' cognitive and physical development differ from that of girls. Princeton Academy has created a program that meets the varied needs of our young gentlemen, steeped in years of gender-based research on how boys learn best, including differentiated learning. The social, academic and physical development of each boy is paramount.

A Private Elementary School For Boys In Central NJ

Academic programs, based on best practices for boys, have been created to meet Lower School boys' physical and social needs, learning styles and broad interests. Movement is incorporated into the learning environment, making it easy for boys to engage in learning. The result is: they love to come to school.

A culture of reading is nurtured from the earliest grades and flourishes throughout all grade levels. Students emerge from this curriculum as socially aware and independent learners who have the confidence and skills to pursue excellence as they prepare to enter the Middle School program.

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