Extended Day Programs

Princeton Academy provides Extended Day Programs and classes for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 every weekday.

Extended Day Programs are coordinated by LS Lead Classroom Teacher Vince Geraci. Programs are open to all students and are held on all full school days. Extended Day Programs are divided into three trimesters which cover the entire school year. Parents will have the opportunity to enroll in the fall, winter and spring.

Starting this fall we are separating registrations for regular after school care and after school classes into two separate charges. If you would like to enroll your child in both regular after care and after school classes, please complete both registrations.

  • The fall trimester begins on Wednesday, September 8 and ends on Friday, December 17. Please note, Extended Day Programs will begin on September 8.
  • The winter trimester starts on Monday, January 3 and ends on Friday, March 11.
  • The spring trimester starts on Monday, March 28 and ends on Monday, June 13.

Program Information, Fees and Policies

Extended Day Programs Coordinator

Vince Geraci

Titles: Grade 1 Lead Classroom Teacher and Extended Day Programs Coordinator, Extended Day Programs Coordinator

Extended Day Registration

Registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year using the same CampBrain registration/payment system which we have utilized for Princeton Academy Summer Programs.

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