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Princeton Academy's learning principles represent our views about the uniqueness of boys.

These pedagogical statements are a result of our observations and direct work with boys, as well as the research, influential texts, and best practices that support our mission and philosophy. As the best independent school in Princeton, NJ for boys, we hold these principles as key influences on our academic program and community.

We believe that character development + spiritual nourishment prepares boys for academic excellence and success in life as a whole person in mind, body and spirit. When he has an entire community who believes in him, #HeCanBe...

Our K-8 model provides a unique and supportive environment for boys to thrive both academically and socially. Our focus on wellness and growth allows boys to develop at their own pace and explore their interests, leading to a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in secondary school and beyond. This focus on the whole child, rather than solely on grades and test scores, creates an environment where boys feel confident and capable of taking on new challenges and exploring their passions. By fostering an atmosphere of exploration, curiosity, and creativity, we ensure that our graduates leave our school with the skills, self-awareness, and resilience needed to succeed in all aspects of life.

Learning Principles for Boys

1. Boys learn best when they are the navigators of their own learning.

2. Boys learn best deductively.

3. Boys learn best when given clear goals and feedback.

4. Boys learn best when they are not afraid of failure.

5. Boys learn best through relational experiences.

Princeton Academy does a very good job of staying true to the mission to educate boys; not just with respect to academic skills, but with respect to developing the tools and emotional intelligence to lead and thrive as young men.

- PASH Parent

Meet the Dean of Faculty and Dean of Students

Zaneta Chambers

Zaneta Chambers

Dean of Faculty and Director of the Learning Resource Center
Timothy Stevens

Timothy Stevens

Dean of Students & MS Social Studies Teacher

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