Rik Dugan is proud to be the leader of oru Boys Independent School In Central NJ!It is an amazing time at Princeton Academy! Inspired by our mission and our boys, our community has come together to build a shared vision for the future of Princeton Academy - Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in 2021: Leading a national reinvention of boys’ education for a new generation of enlightened men. At Princeton Academy, “leading a national reinvention of boys’ education” means accentuating the influence of Princeton Academy’s Learning Principles for Boys while living our Sacred Heart Goals during these wonderfully vibrant and powerfully formative Kindergarten through Grade 8 years. We believe that boys learn best when they are navigators of their own learning, deductively, when given clear goals and feedback, when they are not afraid of failure and through powerful relational experiences. We also believe in the power of faith, intellectual values, service, community and responsibility in an atmosphere of wise freedom. A “new generation of enlightened men” is one comprised of creative, compassionate and courageous leaders of a just society. They combine head and heart in their interactions and think of others before themselves. They care for the planet and each other, building others up with kindness and love while seeking to understand and celebrate the unique essence of all living beings. They embody mind, body and spirit. They have purpose. I invite you to view our strategic plan, Epic Vision: Soaring with Heart, to learn more about how we realize our vision through excellence in Teaching and Learning, Identity and Loyalty, Thought Leadership and Strategic Growth.

Our mission is more relevant than ever. In the spirit of gratitude that we instill in our boys through our signature Friday Thank Yous, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed over the life of our school to make Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart the best place for boys to learn and grow. Princeton Academy resides on a beautiful 50-acre campus equipped with 21st century intentionally designed learning spaces, a premier Chapel Library for boys and Sacred Spaces throughout campus. With foresight, we have built our school to be one of the most sustainable campuses in all of Princeton. At its core, Princeton Academy empowers boys to soar with heart and will do so forever.

I encourage you to browse our website to learn more about how we bring out the best in boys. In addition, I look forward to welcoming you on campus - there is no substitute for witnessing and experiencing in person the palpable energy of Princeton Academy! One look at our boys in action and it is obvious that something wonderful is happening here. Go HAWKS!


Soaring with heart,


Alfred (Rik) F. Dugan III

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