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One Year Ago...

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Alfred F. Dugan III

One year ago…

Dear Princeton Academy Community,

One year ago this week, our lives changed forever. It has been a year since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. The impact of this epoch is deep and I know that the one-year anniversary of the pandemic in our lives can stir a range of emotions. It does for me. We are human, after all. Who could have imagined then where we would be today. We are reminded that we are on this journey of life with each other together, we have been through a lot and the road ahead is long… And full of hope.
With great sensitivity, I would like to acknowledge that for many of us this has been a period of significant loss. We mourn the loss of loved ones, we feel the loss of normalcy, we grapple with uncertainty, we are mindful of each other’s hardship; this past year has been difficult beyond words. Let us please continue to support one another, our loved ones and our children. Let us take care of ourselves and take care of each other. Let us continue to keep each other safe with an everlasting commitment to physical and social-emotional health and wellbeing.
At the same time, let us be there for and with each other to celebrate blessings and joys. And so I ask you, what gift from this past year will you take with you as we journey forward through life? Amidst all of this, what blessing has been amplified by this previously unimaginable moment that will forever make your life better? 
As the weather gets nicer, the vaccine takes flight and hope is on the horizon, it is understandable that many of us just cannot wait until tomorrow. We are human, after all. But with that said, I wonder if there is a way for us to not just dismiss our time during COVID in our hurry just to get through it. It is my hope that we can pause and reflect on what we have learned and hold onto the moments and memories that we would like to carry with us. Of course, we want this pandemic to end - it must. And with that, let us not quickly forget the grace from this extraordinary year in our eagerness to move beyond it.

I think of our children - who they are now and who they will become. For me, a beautiful gift from this pandemic lies in their development as loving, caring and thoughtful human beings who will grow up valuing time and togetherness and connection in a way that other generations have taken for granted. Could this be that moment? Forged in this context, not defined by the pandemic but defining the pandemic for themselves, may our children grow up knowing how precious a moment is with an appreciation of time and presence, community and connection, humanity and togetherness that will define their lives and their legacy. What a gift this would be…

The pandemic reminds us all that we are preparing our children for their future, not our past, and that tomorrow belongs to them

For... With... Through…

Spring is in the air and with this season comes a promise of renewal. I wish you peace, love and wellness. Please be safe and have a happy, healthy and joyful Spring Break - you deserve it!

With grace and gratitude,

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