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Welcome Home

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Alfred F. Dugan III

Dear Princeton Academy Community,

Welcome Home.

The Hawks are Kettled Up, we have launched and we are SOARING! An electric spirit of renewed community, powered by the joy of being together, has made the opening of the 2022–23 academic year feel like none other. Our young men are absolutely amazing - each with his own identity, so full of personality and promise. In short, it just feels awesome to be present with them. 

I feel blessed by the “gift of now”, which I wholeheartedly accept and encourage you to, as well. This moment is unlike any that has ever come before it; nothing in the future will ever resemble it. This moment of “now” is a gift that is unique to you, to our boys and to our community. Let’s all pause, take a deep breath, and cherish this moment.

This year, we honor and are guided by Hawk and Heart - those two elements that so beautifully represent who we are. Our logo depicts the symbol of the Sacred Heart, a heart that is open, along with the Hawk, whose gaze says a thousand words. 

In our One School Handbook, we note that “the hawk is a symbol of many attributes including: clear-sightedness and observation, courage, wisdom, illumination, creativity, truth, experience, wise use of opportunities, and perseverance…It is a symbol of the many attributes that Princeton Academy students aspire to as gentlemen and scholars.” The Hawk emerges from the Sacred Heart, which reminds us of our connection and purpose to something much larger than any one of us. A heart that is open is an invitation to the calling and the sending, affirming that all are welcome while inspiring us to put love and goodness out into the world. Our young men are Hawk and Heart, embodying those virtues of the noble Hawks that soar high above our campus along with the creativity, compassion and courage of our Sacred Heart Goals.

The Hawk soars majestically with ease of effort, achieving something so beautiful, brave and aspirational with amazing grace. The Heart beats in unison, Cor Unum, with love. May our young men live joyfully and purposefully, forever with Hawk and Heart.

Today, in this very spirit, our Middle School students observed a sacred moment of remembrance to honor and pray for all those who lost their lives in the unfathomable terrorist attacks that occurred in our country on September 11, 2001. Together, let us continue to pray for the families and loved ones who live every day with this profound loss in their lives. Let us also acknowledge and give thanks to all of the women and men who serve our communities and our country as first responders, front-line workers and members of our armed forces. We are all affected by the tragic events that occurred on this hallowed day. I am mindful that members of our Princeton Academy family lost loved ones on 9/11 and were personally affected in myriad ways by the events of this day. This weekend we come together in prayer for our community, our nation and our world as we remember 9/11. 

So we begin anew…

I wish you and your loved ones peace and wellness. Here’s to a blessed year ahead.

With Hawk and Heart,

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