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A Reflection: Class of 2021 Experience

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Alfred F. Dugan III
Students lift each other over a wall for a collaborative leadership exercise

Today, I had the honor and blessing of spending the entire day, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with our amazing Princeton Academy Class of 2021. Built on the themes of “Leadership & Legacy”, the Grade 8 Experience, as we called it, included a morning spent virtually in Washington D.C., an afternoon devoted to community building and collaborative leadership, and an evening gathered around a Sacred Fire reflecting, articulating intentions and sharing hopes and dreams. What a gift...

We traveled virtually to our nation’s capital, toured the Capitol, visited the White House, the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. With heart and head, we experienced the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. We were blessed to speak with U.S. Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman and her Chief of Staff James Gee P '25. What a morning…

We worked together in an experiential learning capacity, solved problems together, climbed walls together, competed with one another, worked collaboratively with one another and formed meaningful and lasting memories that so beautifully encapsulate the relationships that have been formed by this class over the years. It was a joy to have some good old-fashioned fun just playing. What an afternoon…

We circled around a Sacred Fire, one family of brothers, reminiscing, expressing intentions, and sharing our hopes, dreams and wishes. We placed our thoughts and feelings in this sacred space to remain frozen in time. This group of young men is reflective, they are sincere, they are connected and they are inspiring. It is humbling and moving to feel their spirit of gratitude. If this is how they are beginning their lives, I am so very confident in their ability to navigate what lies ahead. What a night... 

These young men will be graduating from Princeton Academy in just a few short weeks. They have been formed through their experience at Princeton Academy and forged through their perseverance amidst the context of today. They know that while this leg of their journey is coming to an end, a new journey as PASH Alumni awaits them. They emerge from Princeton Academy with a compass that they will use to navigate the journey of life and a toolbox full of tools to succeed, come what may. They have come to know themselves so that they can be there for others. I know that the Class of 2021 will represent their alma mater with grace and dignity as alumni leaders of the Sacred Heart in their respective secondary schools and beyond. I know that they will live lives of purpose, elevate others and carry with them the Goals and Criteria that have contributed to the formation of their character. I know that the Class of 2021 will continue to fulfill their mission, which is our collective mission, and realize their own personal visions for their futures. I hope and pray that each one of these young men finds fulfillment, joy and peace.

The Class of 2021 is an example for us all. It is time to celebrate them.

Carpe Diem...Go Hawks!

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