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A Friday Thank You to the Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart Class of 2021

Alfred F. Dugan III

Thank you, Princeton Academy Class of 2021, for being such a beautiful gift to us all. 

Gentlemen, we are one month into school and you have already uplifted, inspired and filled our community with hope. This past Wednesday in our annual Mockbrook Academy, you courageously engaged in your practice interviews for the secondary school admission process. Not only did you impress me and all who had the honor of interviewing you with your eloquent interviewing skills, but you also inspired our community and filled us all with hope. You make us smile, you make us laugh and you leave us in awe. You see, in sharing your gifts with our community, you elevate our school. Each of you is uniquely special. Together you are amazing and we are grateful.

The depth of our conversations during Mockbrook Academy and in Head of School’s Seminar has proven to me that you are young men of purpose who care deeply about each other and the world around you. You are phenomenal communicators and the perspective you have is truly enlightened; we adults should all take a lesson from you. You are a diverse group of leaders who will bring about positive change in our world. 

In our interviews, I heard you say: “I want to help others and lift them up”; “We cannot forget about Mother Earth”; “I love to draw”; “PASH is who I am as a person”; “Music is your best friend...especially when you may not know how to say what you want to say”; “I can use my voice to help others”; “PASH has made me more independent”; “I want to change the world”; “COVID-19 has been hard”; “I like to debate and discuss issues that matter”; “From my first day, I felt included into our community”; “PASH has made me realize that I can be anything in this life”; “PASH is a place where I can just be”; “I am a designer”; “I have the ability to create worlds”; “Through the arts I have and will make my mark”; “I am built to serve”, and much, much more.

Class of 2021, you are our “senior class.” As you embark on this journey of your eighth-grade year and seek to find a loving school community that will enable you to continue to thrive, please know that your PASH family is with you every step of the way. 

It is not lost on us that you are leading our school during most extraordinary times. In your interviews, you revealed that the health pandemic, social unrest and racial injustice that you are living through has forged you as creative, compassionate and courageous leaders of a just society… You are children of the Sacred Heart with the power to bring peace, health and safety to our world. I want you to know our community feels honored, blessed and grateful that you are leading our school as role models during this historic moment. We will honor you with grace and gratitude.

You have shown us what it means to be our best selves. Entering into your eighth-grade year with the awareness that you possess enables you to act as role models for us all, and especially for your younger PASH brothers who look up to you each and every day. You have been called to this moment, right here, right now, for a reason. Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

Gentlemen, you embody the spirit that He Can Be. Princeton Academy will always be a safe home where you can be. You represent our entire student body and “contain multitudes.” You are Kindergarteners, First Graders, Second Graders, Third Graders, Fourth Graders, Fifth Graders, Sixth Graders and Seventh Graders. As Head of School, I feel confident and grateful knowing that you will represent our school, your alma mater, in this process and forever forward. 

In his homily at this year’s virtual Celebration of the Holy Spirit and Founders Day Prayer Service, Fr. Tom reminded you that you possess the gift of the Holy Spirit. Amidst all that is going on in our world, with each other and on our planet, he set our school year off on a path guided by the theme of “gifts.” Every day is a gift... Every moment. 

Through everything, Gentlemen, know this: You are a gift to us all... And your gifts are a gift to the world. We believe in you. We put our faith in you. We are here for you and with you. Your PASH family is proud of you.

Thank you for being you, Class of 2021. Please know that we will follow your lead. 


With grace and gratitude,

Mr. Dugan

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