From the Headmaster

Built of Stone

Alfred F. Dugan III

It is no coincidence that Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart is built of stone, literally. The original Manor House, now Kalkus House, and its surrounding walls, gazebo and cottage were built of stone during the Great Depression. The Main Building of Princeton Academy was built of stone, by hand, by masons in 1960… One such mason, Otto, I had the honor and privilege of meeting in person, not by coincidence, in the parking lot of Wegmans in the summer of 2015. Our Lady’s Grotto was made of cut stones that were placed by hand to create a Sacred Space built to last with faith and hope… A stone sanctuary in the middle of nature – stone found of this place and brought to this place, assembled to build something brilliant, something special, something that will last the test of time… A home.
We are like those stones; each one placed here for a reason and a purpose, perhaps beyond our understanding at this moment in time, perhaps not. No two stones are the same. Each stone is integral to the overall structure, supporting those above it, stabilizing those next to it, and providing comfort to those around it. In particular, as a school, each student is like a stone strengthening the foundation of Princeton Academy. It is not easy to move on from a place. But if we envision ourselves as part of the foundation of Princeton Academy, stone by stone contributing to the strength of the community we love, we realize that we never leave – our stone is permanent and essential. Part of a whole that has existed for 20 years cradled in a philosophy that has existed for 200 years.
As the Class of 2019 prepares to graduate from Princeton Academy, entering our world as children of the Sacred Heart, I would like to thank them, each and every gentleman, for being a rock in the everlasting foundation of Princeton Academy. The Class of 2019 was divinely selected to shepherd Princeton Academy through its 20th anniversary. Thank you, Class of 2019, for leaving a legacy of leadership that is permanent, positive and strong and for taking to heart the mission of your beloved Alma Mater. You will forever be revered like the rocks that you are.

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