From the Headmaster

A Special Friday Thank You...

Alfred F. Dugan III

Princeton Academy's Founding Board of Trustees

Dear Princeton Academy Founders,

On behalf of the entire Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart community, past, present and future, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for having the creativity, compassion and courage to envision and create Princeton Academy. John Dewey once said, "education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." As we joyfully celebrate Founders Day on October 5, 2018, during this 20th anniversary of Princeton Academy, we direct a most special Friday Thank You to you, those pioneers who bravely came together to build our school, a welcoming home where lives form and grow.

Thank you for forging a timeless mission 20 years ago that today is more relevant than ever. Thank you for caring about boys and about our world. Thank you for knowing that purpose matters and that boys need an intentionally designed, values-based curriculum to develop into good men. Twenty years later, this need is even greater, and through your vision, the purpose of Princeton Academy enables us to positively contribute to the formation of our young men while making the world a better place.

Thank you for planting seeds that would someday grow into mighty oaks. Thank you for leading with heart and knowing that the mission of Princeton Academy would be strengthened by being rooted in the 200-year tradition of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The Goals and Criteria have enabled us to bring out the best in boys for 20 years and will continue to serve as a moral compass which enables our young men to confidently and compassionately navigate all that lies ahead.

We are always mindful of our founding and we cherish the stories of how Princeton Academy was given the breath of life. We respect and uphold the faith and hope that you had in an idea – compelled by a belief in a values-based education to develop young men to be leaders of a just society. We know that the heart of Princeton Academy lies in our community, our people, and at the same time, we thank you for the campus that we enjoy each and every day. Today, we proudly accept responsibility for stewarding the vision you set forth for Princeton Academy.

Every Friday, at least one boy stands in front of his peers during Friday Thank Yous and says something to the effect of, "I would like to thank the people who made Princeton Academy." Today, our entire community stands together to echo that same sentiment. As adults, we appreciate the time, talent and treasure that you devoted to building the school that our sons and students thrive in today and we pledge to advance Princeton Academy with the same spirit that went into founding it. We stand on the shoulders of those who come before us, and because of that, we can see beyond the horizon to a future where Princeton Academy is reinventing boys education for a new generation of enlightened men. Thank you for igniting the soul of Princeton Academy, the school we love.

With gratitude,

Alfred (Rik) F. Dugan III

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