From the Headmaster

Remembrance, Gratitude and Joy

Alfred F. Dugan III

Dear Princeton Academy Community - 

On this Friday, September 11, 2020, we hold the memory of lives lost 19 years ago in our hearts and we give prayers of support to their family members and loved ones. Today at Princeton Academy we reflected on this moment with our Middle School students and emphasized the need for us, as children of the Sacred Heart, to be peacemakers and bridge builders in our world.  

On this solemn day, we hold our remembrance in balance with the joy of reopening Princeton Academy after being away from campus for six months. The blessing of “Kettling Up” and being together as one #PASHProud community of HAWKS has been realized and the only appropriate response is gratitude. Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, founder of the Society Sacred Heart, once said that “an abyss of blessings must draw forth an abyss of gratitude, fidelity and love.” Well, here we are, and to this, I say “thank you” to our beloved community.

Sophie also said, “For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society of the Sacred Heart” and her words never rang more true. While the scale is far from relative, as headmaster of Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart I can say with all of my heart that “for the sake of one child” we would have done everything in our power to safely and joyfully reopen school after six months since our last in-person class. Sophie’s spirit and the spirit of our own Princeton Academy Founders is alive in this moment. If it means that one child would find joy in being together with his brothers, or on campus with his teachers, or simply engaging in person with new and old friends, or learning in the presence of others, I would do it all over again. I have seen the joy and excitement of returning to PASH, and it is invigorating. 

Please enjoy the following galleries of photos and videos from the first week of school.

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