It is with great enthusiasm that Princeton Academy announces the commencement of its strategic planning process. Epic Vision: Soaring with Heart will be our inspiration and our aspiration as we build a shared vision for the next five years. In its truest sense, an epic is a long poem or piece of literature that chronicles great achievements and narrates the deeds and adventures of heroic and legendary figures throughout history. When something is epic, it is majestic and of great magnitude. Our school began with a visionary idea that has developed into a timeless mission guiding us in all that we do today. Princeton Academy stands at this monumental moment in time poised to imagine an Epic Vision that compels all members of our Sacred Heart community of Hawks to Soar with Heart. We will all be the authors and protagonists of our epic, spanning time to honor and build upon the vision of our Founders, balancing tradition with innovation as we forge into the future.

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Visioning Day Brings Community Together

On Saturday, December 3, over 150 Princeton Academy community members came together to share, participate and collaborate in the building of our strategic plan Epic Vision: Soaring with Heart. The day was full of palpable energy and a flow of innovative strategic thinking. Participants included current students and parents, alumni and parents of alumni, trustees and former trustees, faculty and staff, and founders - all who generously invested their time for the future of Princeton Academy. The ideas generated from this productive day, where everyone's voice was heard, will inform the creation of Epic Vision: Soaring with Heart. Our strategic planning process began last spring and an announcement of our official plan will be forthcoming in April. To learn more about Princeton Academy's strategic planning process and view photos from Visioning Day, please visit princeton

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What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is a process by which an organization envisions its future and then sets goals to make vision reality. In partnership with our consultant Christina Drouin of the Center for Strategic Planning, our Strategic Planning Committee (comprising current and former parents, trustees, faculty and staff) has designed a highly collaborative process that will engage all members of our community. We will begin with the essential process of gathering data, both through internal feedback and an analysis of external factors, which will enable us to identify key drivers to guide our strategic planning.

What is Visioning Day?

On Saturday, December 3, The Princeton Academy community will gather to share, participate and collaborate in the building of our strategic plan, Epic Vision. The future of Princeton Academy is bright and we are all authors of our story. When it comes to planning for the next five years, your voice matters. We are one school and we are ready to Soar with Heart!

Strategic Planning Committee

Rob Connor
Alfred (Rik) F. Dugan III
Brooke Gadasi
Kenneth Harlan
Heather Hoerle
Nat Howe, Chair
Hoddy Klein
Alyson Landers
Lisa Luke
Paris McLean
Cathy Schnitzler
Raymond Shay
Jennifer Sheppard
Tim Stevens
Alan Stifelman
Peter Stournaras
Matt Trowbridge
Forwood (Duke) C. Wiser III

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